I'm John Stitt, aka One-Legged Lightning, and I'm an amputee and strongman competitor.

I've been an amputee since 2013 after a motorcycle accident and have competed in strongman since 2012.  In addition to losing my left leg below the knee, I suffered many other injuries, to the point that I was told I would never lift again.

Since becoming an amputee, here's how I've placed in strongman competitions:

  • America's Strongest Disabled Man 2015 - 2nd place, standing category
  • World's Strongest Disabled Man 2015 - 4th place, seated category
  • West Kentucky Strongman Challenge 2016 - 1st place by countback, Lightweight Novice
  • America's Strongest Adaptive Athlete 2016 - 3rd place, seated category
  • Arnold Disabled Strongman 2016 - 4th place, seated category
  • America's Strongest Disabled Athlete 2017 - 2nd place, seated category